(For personal information you may read the about me page.)

How do you draw? | I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 5 Graphics Tablet.

What’s a tablet? | Click here - Wikipedia explains it pretty well. But basically it’s a drawing pad, complete with a tablet pen, used for drawing on the computer. Think of it as an electronic sheet of paper that represents your monitor screen on which you draw with an electronic pen.

How come it’s so hard for me to get used to my new tablet? | It’s hard for everybody at first! Just be patient and practice, practice, practice. It’s just something you have to get used to - no other way. Once you’ve spent enough time with it I promise it will feel very natural.

Can you follow me (back)? |  I don’t do follow backs. I only follow blogs I like - I think that’s the whole point of the following system on Tumblr - not to watch the number ride knowing it’s a result of you following everyone expecting a follow back. Then they don’t mean anything anymore. I’ll follow you if I like your blog, full stop. Drop me an ask if you want me to check out your blog!

How many followers do you have? |  I can only tell you that the number contains six digits (xxx,xxx).

Do you do requests? | Due to the sheer amount of requests I receive on pretty much a daily basis, I unfortunately do not have the time to do that for everyone for free. I do commissions though (if you’re willing to pay for a portrait/couple portrait.)

Can I get a commission from you? | You can e-mail me at lucyanhdoan [at] gmail.com to discuss this.

What fonts do you use? | I hand-draw all of my captions. I don’t use fonts.

Are you single? | I am in a long-term relationship with a lovely boy named Daniel.

What are you studying? | I am currently enrolled in university for a degree in BA (Hons) Illustration, at the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom.

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